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Celebrity Wedding: John Herrera and Patti Grandidge – Part 1

One of my fave weddings so far is this gorgeous beach wedding of DJ Jon Herrera and TV Host/Personality Patti Grandidge 😉 everything is soooo beautiful and I would look at the bride’s photo for like 5 minutes, admiring her beauty and her Rosa Clara gown 🙂 I always love beach weddings and this is one of those that I literally went “oooommmpphh” and “woooow!” 🙂 So let me share to you their beautiful photos taken by Mangored. I will also post part 2 and part 3 of this so watch out for it 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂


Photographer: MangoRed

Videographer: Mayad Studios

Wedding Coordinator: Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings

Florist: Vatel Manila

Venue: Shangri-la Boracay

Hair and Make-up: Mayesa Delos Santos / Hyatt Laurel

Bride’s Gown and Groom’s Suit: Rosa Clara / John Herrera

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BB Tyler’s 1st Birthday Party: Featured on Kara’s Party Ideas :)


Weeee!! What a happy day! My son’s 1st birthday party has been featured on Kara’s Party Ideas 🙂 This made my day! 🙂 Click here to see the whole feature 🙂

You may also like their Official Facebook Page for awesome party ideas 🙂

Thanks, Ms. Kara Allen! 🙂


BB Tyler and Family 🙂

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La Salle + Ateneo = Mr. & Mrs. Ryan and Martina Pangilinan

Happy New Year, guys and gals! 🙂 Glad to be back again with my first blogpost for 2012. 🙂 Last December 2011, I was emotionally drawn by two weddings of my ex-colleagues from Chikka. The first wedding that I want to feature is Ryan and Martina. I’ve known the couple way back before their relationship started that’s why I was so ecstatic when I knew their relationship led to exchanging vows as husband and wife. 🙂 Martina is one of the most humble person I know. When I contacted her to ask if I can blog about their wedding, she was surprised & asked me if their wedding is blog worthy. Ryan, a tall, dark, and handsome groom, is someone who I never thought would whip out a couple of tears when he saw his bride walked down the aisle. Now that was priceless. 🙂 The solemnity of this beautiful wedding was felt everywhere, coupled with vibrant shades of green and blue gowns, which they personally chose as their motif. To Ryan and Martina, Congratulations and Best Wishes! 🙂 God bless you more as you begin a new chapter in your life. Cheers! 🙂

Photos by Nelwin Uy

The Couple

The Radiant Bride

The  Dashing Groom

With their entourage

Bridesmaids’ bouquet by Spruce Floral Designs

Bride with her bridemaids

The couple with their happy parents 🙂

Flower Girls in green and blue floral gowns

The couple exchanged vows at  San Antonio De Padua Church, Tagaytay

Cake by Classic Confections

Bridal bouquet by Spruce Floral Designs

Table set up

VIP Table

Groom with his Groomsmen

The groom while waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle

Bride’s gown by Dennis Lustico

Beautiful Bride

Couple with their classic bridal car by JCA Vintage Cars

Florist: Spruce Floral Designs

Bridal Gown and Entourage: Dennis Lustico

Coordinator: Jr. Bride’s Maids and Co.

HMUA: Sabs Hernandez and Tony Dusich

Photographer: Nelwin Uy

Videographer:  Cinemaworks

Cake: Classic Confections

Church: San Antonio de Padua

Reception: Antonio’s

Strings: String Minstrels

Bridal Car: JCA Vinatge Cars

Preps: Balai Taal

Invitations: Amis Print


~ StaRBuCKs InsPiRed BouToNNieRes ~

Mocha Frappe, anyone?

I just can’t help but get fascinated with these beautiful starbucks inspired boutonnieres of Edgardo and Chrisabel-Cyr. Another handmade goodness from etc (Handmade Goodness) 🙂 Happy Holidays, everyone! 🙂

Photo by: Rane Randolph


Boutonnière _ Buttonhole

Boutonniere originated from a French term which means “buttonhole”. It is a bud or a flower attached on the left lapel of the men’s jacket during formal occasions. And in our country, you see it mostly during weddings.  🙂

Traditionally, these boutonnieres are flowers affixed with a pin. a white carnation and a rose bud are examples.  But nowadays, with the type of wedding industry we have, more personalized boutonnieres continue to evolve as this is also a way to interpret the couple’s personality and match the wedding theme.

Below are just few of my favorites 🙂 I hope you’ll also enjoy every detail of creativity, reflected in each unique piece of these blooms 🙂

Made by Vatel Manila

Photo by Erron Ocampo

Wedding of Katie & Cyrus (Nautical Theme)

What I  love most about it: The anchor and steering wheel trinkets 🙂

Made by Bride and Friends

Photos by Marvin Dungao of The 12 Masters Photography

Wedding of Claire & Alvin (Fairy Tale Theme)

What I  love most about it: The felt texture and the bling blings 🙂

Photo by Rock Paper Scissors Photography

Wedding of Josephine & Brian (Vintage Theme)

What I  love most about it: The bike pendant and the airmail envelope 🙂

Made by Bride

Photo by Mimi & Karl

Wedding of Jean & Marc (Mix of Modern and Vintage Theme )

What I  love most about it: The polka dot feather and the mini buds 🙂

Made by Bride and a friend

Photo by Mimi & Karl

Wedding of Jean & Marc (Mix of Modern and Vintage Theme )

What I  love most about it: The Papercut birds, the button and the wrapping on the stem 🙂

Made by Vatel Manila

Photo by Metrophoto

Wedding of Jen & Myong (Reggae Theme)

What I  love most about it: The crochet and color 🙂

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Charming and Rose

I’ve been checking on some of the beautiful prenup videos, and I have this one on top of my list 🙂 Let’s see what Topero Creative Group have made in this video of the beautiful Singapore based couple, Bong and Rose during their e-session in Mt. Mayon, Casagwa Albay.  See for yourself for a delightful inspiration. 🙂


Muy Gwapa Vestido de Novia

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions of a bride. And part of this decision will come from the overall style of wedding that you want. My featured bride today chose to have a Spanish theme wedding, and I’m about to share to you her extraordinary Spanish-style wedding gown. So grab your zapatillas and brace yourselves as we embark on a magic salsa ride.  :-p

Jeddah is a friend I knew from w@wsg, a sub-group of w@w, exclusively of w@wies based in Singapore. She and her hubby tied the knot last June 12.  Days after the wedding, I saw some photos of their wedding in her facebook, and I was so amazed to see the how beautiful her wedding gown is, which inspired me to write a blog about it. 🙂 After a few exchanges of private messages, I learned that there are so many interesting things that you should know about the gown. Read on 🙂

Donna: What made you decide to have a Spanish theme wedding?

Jedd: At first I wanted fairytale theme and would like a princess look. Then I changed my mind and wanted to have vintage theme instead. When we met my designer  he suggested the Old Spanish Theme and we loved the unique idea.

Donna: Who made your gown? 

Jedd: Yani Lao Santos, he is our friend designer. You can also read his info here..


Donna: Who chose the design? 

Jedd: Jep & I chose the design, it is very spanish inspired.

Donna: How long did it take to finish the whole gown?

Jedd:  about 6 months.

October 2010 –  measurement

Feb 2011-  1st  & 2nd fitting almost done without the beads

Apr 2011- Final fitting.

2 mos before my wedding the gown was completely finished.

No pics during final fitting, I’m afraid kc na bka mkita ni Jep 🙂

Here are the pics of the 1st & 2nd fitting 🙂
Donna: I saw that your veil was really long. How long is that?

Jedd: 25 yards. Yani suggested the long veil for a dramatic look. I didn’t expect it was that long until I saw the pictures.

Donna:  What fabric/materials were used?

Jedd: I’m not so familiar with the exact fabrics that were used, basta we went to Divisoria with our designer to buy all the fabrics for my gown, and I remember the lace was the most expensive because we need to get 50 yards. The store where we bought ran out of stock and we only got 47 yards ( kame daw un pinaka madami na binili na lace) My designer showed them the sketches of my gown and all the tinderas nearby were so amazed of the design 🙂
Buying  the  fabrics was so memorable. We were there for 4-5 hrs and it was a success we were able to buy all the fabrics needed ( 5 super heavy plastic bags) that time I knew already my gown would be heavy.

Donna: Speaking of heavy, was it really heavy?

Jedd: Yes they all think it was too heavy, but I didn’t feel it maybe because of mixed emotions during that time. Only I realized it was heavy pala nung nag change na ko and nung ilalagay ko na sa box yung gown. Ang bigat pala nung skirt. 🙂

Donna: What is your design inspiration?

Jedd: Initially my gown inspirations are those with sleeves, I really wanted to have a conservative and classy look. One of my inspirations din for the gown and theme was the one in Taylor Swift’s “Love story” MTV.

Donna: Which part of the gown is your most favorite?

Jedd: I love the sleeves, and it’s detachable too. It was removed during the reception so I can move freely 🙂

Donna: If you don’t mind to share, how much did it cost?

Jedd: For the price range: Fabrics- 15k – 20k (we got big discount already. super haggle)
Seamstress Labor fee – Php 30k – 40k (iba un nag tahi & iba din ang nag beads)
Designer Fee- undisclosed 😉 but I may say, every cents we spent for the gown is so worth it.

Now, take a look at the final gown and our pretty and dashing bride 🙂 Official Photos by Paul Vincent

Love the sleeves too! 🙂 There you go guys, I’m sure you enjoyed staring at the photos, scrolling up again as you went through this post. 🙂  Kudos to Yani Lao Santos for making one of the most exceptional gowns I’ve ever seen, and Congratulations and Best wishes again to Jep & Jeddah. 🙂 Cheers! 🙂

To all the brides out there, never be afraid to be unique. If  that’s what your heart wants, just go with it. 🙂


Wedding Obsession

Many Brides to Be have been planning their wedding since they were small. From the gowns they will wear, up to which church’s aisle they will take their first stride to womanhood, coupled with flower arrangements,  all sealed in interesting figments of imagination. They were all wishing for a star to fall and make their fairy tale wedding come true, well, at least when they were still kids. To confess, I’m one of them. These dreams change as we grow older, but  the aspiration of making it a perfect wedding is still there, and this, in my opinion (and experience I guess) is the main cause of stress and wedding jitters.

Wedding jitters, I believe, are  part of every bride to be and groom to be’s experience.  Probably because of the stressful planning, the expectations that you have to live up to your own, the family’s expectations, and the hope that your wedding will turn out as perfect as you ever imagined it to be.

I’m Donna and I sooooo love weddings. At 27, I got married to my loving and beautiful husband on our 6th anniversary. Ever since I started planning my own wedding, just like other brides, I got hooked into it, and I started to get thrilled every time I would hear something that relates to weddings. I have read several wedding blogs, have been to many wedding websites, have signed up for wedding newsletters, have gone through quite a number of wedding magazines, and have followed wedding suppliers’ blog sites. I became aware of all the bridal fairs, created two wedding websites, started my own wedding blogsite, shopped online for wedding stuff, signed up to wedding forums, and participated in a wedding auction. I and my hubee have our own fair share of wedding jitters during the course of the preparation until the day itself, but we’re happy that we’re so blessed with beautiful families, friends, and a great team of wedding suppliers who managed to pull off our wedding full of love and happiness. Close to perfection!

In every topic I will post, I will try to relate and share my experiences, and I hope I would be able to help and bring inspiration to all the brides (present, past, or future)–not forgetting to share the freshest and most unique wedding-related ideas. With that, I’m sharing some photos of our wedding. Enjoy!

Official Wedding Photos by Mangored 🙂

Another set taken by our friends 🙂

By the way, you may also visit our wedsites here and here. 🙂


Howdy Brides to Bee!

Welcome to my blog!  I will be sharing experiences and facts on wedding preparations.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit my previous blog when I had the jitters as a bride to be :-p