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Muy Gwapa Vestido de Novia

on August 18, 2011

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions of a bride. And part of this decision will come from the overall style of wedding that you want. My featured bride today chose to have a Spanish theme wedding, and I’m about to share to you her extraordinary Spanish-style wedding gown. So grab your zapatillas and brace yourselves as we embark on a magic salsa ride.  :-p

Jeddah is a friend I knew from w@wsg, a sub-group of w@w, exclusively of w@wies based in Singapore. She and her hubby tied the knot last June 12.  Days after the wedding, I saw some photos of their wedding in her facebook, and I was so amazed to see the how beautiful her wedding gown is, which inspired me to write a blog about it. 🙂 After a few exchanges of private messages, I learned that there are so many interesting things that you should know about the gown. Read on 🙂

Donna: What made you decide to have a Spanish theme wedding?

Jedd: At first I wanted fairytale theme and would like a princess look. Then I changed my mind and wanted to have vintage theme instead. When we met my designer  he suggested the Old Spanish Theme and we loved the unique idea.

Donna: Who made your gown? 

Jedd: Yani Lao Santos, he is our friend designer. You can also read his info here..


Donna: Who chose the design? 

Jedd: Jep & I chose the design, it is very spanish inspired.

Donna: How long did it take to finish the whole gown?

Jedd:  about 6 months.

October 2010 –  measurement

Feb 2011-  1st  & 2nd fitting almost done without the beads

Apr 2011- Final fitting.

2 mos before my wedding the gown was completely finished.

No pics during final fitting, I’m afraid kc na bka mkita ni Jep 🙂

Here are the pics of the 1st & 2nd fitting 🙂
Donna: I saw that your veil was really long. How long is that?

Jedd: 25 yards. Yani suggested the long veil for a dramatic look. I didn’t expect it was that long until I saw the pictures.

Donna:  What fabric/materials were used?

Jedd: I’m not so familiar with the exact fabrics that were used, basta we went to Divisoria with our designer to buy all the fabrics for my gown, and I remember the lace was the most expensive because we need to get 50 yards. The store where we bought ran out of stock and we only got 47 yards ( kame daw un pinaka madami na binili na lace) My designer showed them the sketches of my gown and all the tinderas nearby were so amazed of the design 🙂
Buying  the  fabrics was so memorable. We were there for 4-5 hrs and it was a success we were able to buy all the fabrics needed ( 5 super heavy plastic bags) that time I knew already my gown would be heavy.

Donna: Speaking of heavy, was it really heavy?

Jedd: Yes they all think it was too heavy, but I didn’t feel it maybe because of mixed emotions during that time. Only I realized it was heavy pala nung nag change na ko and nung ilalagay ko na sa box yung gown. Ang bigat pala nung skirt. 🙂

Donna: What is your design inspiration?

Jedd: Initially my gown inspirations are those with sleeves, I really wanted to have a conservative and classy look. One of my inspirations din for the gown and theme was the one in Taylor Swift’s “Love story” MTV.

Donna: Which part of the gown is your most favorite?

Jedd: I love the sleeves, and it’s detachable too. It was removed during the reception so I can move freely 🙂

Donna: If you don’t mind to share, how much did it cost?

Jedd: For the price range: Fabrics- 15k – 20k (we got big discount already. super haggle)
Seamstress Labor fee – Php 30k – 40k (iba un nag tahi & iba din ang nag beads)
Designer Fee- undisclosed 😉 but I may say, every cents we spent for the gown is so worth it.

Now, take a look at the final gown and our pretty and dashing bride 🙂 Official Photos by Paul Vincent

Love the sleeves too! 🙂 There you go guys, I’m sure you enjoyed staring at the photos, scrolling up again as you went through this post. 🙂  Kudos to Yani Lao Santos for making one of the most exceptional gowns I’ve ever seen, and Congratulations and Best wishes again to Jep & Jeddah. 🙂 Cheers! 🙂

To all the brides out there, never be afraid to be unique. If  that’s what your heart wants, just go with it. 🙂

6 responses to “Muy Gwapa Vestido de Novia

  1. Earvin Paul says:

    Great post Donna! 😀 ganda ng gown ni sis Jhed sarap picturan.. sis Jhed postnup!!! trash the dress??? 😀 😀 😀

  2. Sheree angeles says:

    I love the gown so much!!!

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